New transactions default to using hidden account

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The New Transaction screen always defaults to using an account of mine that is marked as hidden and does not show up in my list of accounts on the iPhone.

This isn't a problem with most transactions because the account changes as soon as I select a known payee.

But if I'm entering a new payee then it's one more thing I need to change before I can put my phone away. And if I forget to change it, once I sync with desktop YNAB I end up entering it again (and throwing off my budget) because it's in a hidden account and I didn't know it was there.

I wonder if it's possible to make the default account for new transactions be the account most frequently used in the past 6 weeks? That would be handy.

Thank you!
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  • JoelJoel Posts: 9,879Member, Beta Tester, Beta Moderator
    I too have noticed an account that is not what I want to be my default always seems to appear on transactions without the payee entered.

    I would like that to be selectable.
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    Me too. Here's what I did.


    Works perfectly. The only annoying thing is a transaction sitting at the bottom of my most used account that I've got dated 12/31/2012.Just visually annoying, but works like a charm.
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