Trouble with historical budget showing

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I originally posted this in the regular forum. You can see details under the topic "Trouble with historical budget showing".

I'm a fairly new user on YNAB, so I don't have a lot of historical information. I'm resetting my budget amounts each month as I setup my budget. On my desktop YNAB, my food budget for this month is at about -$200. My category balance was reset to $1200 at the beginning of the month, and my spending for September is about $1400. My iPhone YNAB, however, shows a balance of -$1918. This amount reflects my past activity as well as my September activity.

This is definitely an issue, because I'm I'm not at the point yet where I am budgeting according to the YNAB formula. As a result of this problem, budgets on my iPhone are completely unusable right now. Hope this extra information helps!
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    I posted a lengthy reply in the other thread.


    Since there is more ongoing discussion there, maybe you can continue the conversation there.

    I think maybe because you're not budgeting according the the YNAB formula, it's not so much a bug but it's not what you expected.

    My response in the other thread is complete with a variety mock-up screen shots for you to choose from. :D

    If you post back, we can help figure out if it's a bug or not.
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