$24.00 Difference between CC Statement and YNAB Account

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As of a couple of weeks ago, I was perfectly balanced between my credit card "current activity" and my YNAB Credit Card account activity. About 2 weeks ago, I discovered I was $24.00 (even) out of balance. My credit card says I've got $24.00 MORE on their balance then my YNAB. Sometimes my credit card company takes a day or two to post certain items, so I waited, and waited.....and now almost 2 weeks later, I'm still showing a difference of $24.00 between my current statement and my YNAB account. So after sorting on both sides looking for a misplaced $24.00 (in ALL of my accounts) and coming up with nothing, I printed out my CC activity and went through it line item by line item and cross referenced to my YNAB Credit Card account. The credit card company is correct both in items and the total balance. And YNAB is showing all items, but the total is $24.00 lower. There is nothing that is NOT either categorized or "transferred", "check cleared" all lines up, and NONE of my transactions from the beginning of time are $24.00 even, in ANY of my accounts. I even looked for two $12.00 items that may have been missed, uncategorized or improperly transferred, but NOTHING. I also looked for items that were both transferred AND categorized in case that may be it, but again, everything is tickety-boo. My statement starts on September 2nd and there are exactly 37 line items on both the statement and YNAB. There's no split categories to check either...all is straight up entered properly.

If there were any kind of a bug, I'd be having issues in all of my accounts as the software is only adding and subtracting and doesn't care what I label my accounts.

It's a real mystery and now I'm on a mission. $24.00 isn't a big deal, but I'm determined to figure out what I did wrong.

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    Greetings, Maggie, I did not know that was you on <!-- e --><a href="mailto:bugs@youneedabudget.com">bugs@youneedabudget.com</a><!-- e --> - fingers crossed that all the amassed genius here will come up with the answer!

    One thought I am having straight away - do you have any hidden accounts that you need to unhide to search for a misplaced $24.00? I know it's a long shot.

    Another thought (I know you have searched) - can you sort by date order in case you have a $24.00 transaction with a wacky date like 2020 instead of 2010, for instance?

    Let's see what else everybody else comes up with.

  • gingerginger Posts: 659Member, Beta Tester
    We're talking about your register balance versus the CC company's, right? So it's not a category issue.

    Is there one $12 item that you recorded as an inflow that really should have been an outflow?
  • Maggie MagpieMaggie Magpie Posts: 408Member
    Nope....Nope.....and Nadda....all great ideas and I've looked, but Nope. :cry:

    This is crazy.....I'll end up entering some anomaly to fix it, but I know it's there.....probably staring me in the face. LOL!
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    Are you saying that there is a discrepancy in the balance for posted transactions, or in the available balance vs. posted transactions? If the latter, could you possibly have some kind of hold placed by a vendor on your card? I wouldn't worry about the latter; if it doesn't post, it will disappear eventually. Gas stations, hotels, etc. can put funny holds on your credit card account for quite a while sometimes.
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    This has nothing to do with available vs. actual. It's simpler then that....which is what makes it so annoying. It's simply my current activity in my credit card vs. the activity not adding up in my Credit Card Account on YNAB.....both should look and add up exactly the same. Yet both "look' the same, but the YNAB side isn't adding up correctly.
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    If you turn on the running balance or mouse over transactions you can go back a month at a time to find when it does match. Then go day by day forward until you find a day that doesn't match the balance.
  • gingerginger Posts: 659Member, Beta Tester
    It's possible you deleted or modified the amount of a previously cleared transaction from a prior month, thus throwing off your current balance. If you want to find it you'll have to look month by month as chrish suggested, seeing where your balance went off. I'd start by determining if the starting balance from the current CC statement matches the YNAB balance at the beginning of your transactions for this month.

    You might want to make a copy of your YNAB file so you can unclear and clear transactions from old statements without worry of messing up your file.
  • Maggie MagpieMaggie Magpie Posts: 408Member
    I found most of it! I went through last month's cc statement and looked for any amount in the vicinity of $24.00 that was an even number. I found a $25.00 charge which, somehow, I missed (yet paid the cc in full as balanced with my YNAB....??.....weird, huh?). So now I'm a $1.00 out. I can probably find the $1 due to some hasty entry I made a dollar off. Just thought I'd follow up on this with y'all because I KNEW it had to me some kind of oversight.....but I guess I kept looking for $24.00 even and should have looked for something close since I could find the $24.00 the first 10 go-arounds!!
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