Input Keypad to enter cost of something won't show up

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I have an iPhone 4,
currently running ios4.2 (a few days early of a release, I know). Not sure if this is causing the problem... but it can be a potential problem shortly when the update gets release to everyone. In either case I go to input a transaction and I can't get the keyboard to pop up so I can input any cost.


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  • TrevorTrevor Posts: 731Member, Beta Tester
    Oops, I just tried it on my iPad which is on 4.2 and I get the same results. The 4.2 release really could be any day now.
  • BastiBasti Posts: 875Member, Moderator, Administrator, YNAB Team, Beta Tester, Beta Moderator
    We submitted an update to Apple as soon as 4.2 GM was released, so it should be out any day now :)
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