Transactions in random order... why?

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I have two iPhones and just downloaded the app... been using YNAB on a Mac for some time now and it is the bombtrack... wish I could say the same for the iPhone App.
Don't get me wrong it is still young and shows some real promise... there are a bunch of features I love already. I was going to write an email and list all the pro's, con's, and suggested improvements but found that you prefer this kind of stuff to go through the "forums"... so here I am - guess I'll just post them all individually in their most proper places :)

The first one is this random order thing...
I synced two different iPhones and the order of the transactions is all out of whack from one to the next and neither of them are in any order that makes sense compared to YNAB desktop.
Both phones are 3G's running 4.0
Here are some screenshots from each... I scrolled to a day where you can see all transactions in one screen... when there are more transactions in a day it is even worse!

Please fix this :)
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    Good point. I've had this on my list for some time but finally got around to implement it.
    With the next release the app will mimic the desktop behavior for intraday sorting of transactions.
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