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I've been experiencing a problem with the iPhone app locking up when I come back to it. I get occasional lock ups that go like this:
- I use the app during the day (record lunch, etc).
- I leave the app by hitting the home button. I've been on the "Budget" tab when I've noticed the lock-ups, but I'm not sure if that's related as its usually where I am when I leave the app.
- That evening I start the app again (planning to sync).
- I enter my pass code, the budget screen is displayed as I left it, but everything in the app is frozen.
- Nothing in the app responds to anything
- To use the app again, I hit the home key. Then hit the home key twice to display the recently used apps. I remove YNAB from the recently used apps -- then I can go back in and everything is fine.

This isn't critical, and it doesn't happen every day - but I have had it happen at least four times now - maybe more.

YNAB iPhone app version: 1.3.0 (57)
YNAB Desktop version (Although probably not relevant since the problem happens before I get to the sync screen)
iOS version: 4.2.1
(The 'during the day' usage is without WiFi, the 'that evening' usage always is with WiFi. - not sure if that is relevant or not)

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