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Just wanted to give the YNAB staff praise on a fine product. I downloaded the 7 day trial over the weekend and it took about an hour to download and install everything (and I have a slower internet connection than some). It took be about another 30 minutes to input the beginning (or current) balances, and the budgets. I will definitly incourage the young marrieds in my church to consider YNAB.

I still can't quite cut my use of a different program, seeing that has all my finances in one place, and I have worked it out to use the Budget envelope concept to work in that program. It is kind of not wanting to get ride of that first credit card. It's hard to give up something you have so much invested into.

But I just wanted to say that YNAB was very easy to download and very easy to set-up. I think it would be great to people who are not accountants and are just starting out with budgeting.

I don't know if I put this post in the correct spot, so you can move it (or delete it) if needed.
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    Thanks for the kind words! Motivating to say the least :)
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