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I have to give kudos to Jessie's podcast for YNAB. I enjoy them very much.

Does any suggest any other podcasts along the lines of YNAB? I really love conversational style podcasts.
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  • jessiebirdjessiebird Posts: 4,916Member, Beta Tester
    Well, Dave Ramsey's can give you a solid kick in the pants.

    He's pretty hardcore in terms of paying off debt above all else; not a lot of room for moderation there. But it is encouraging to listen to his Friday podcasts, when people call in with their debt payoff success stories. I started getting turned off by his political/religious slant and his being a bit strident. But he does have some good tips for managing money, if you don't mind his shilling for various companies related to debt reduction. And cash for gold! Can't forget that. Ugh.

    I imagine Suze Orman has a podcast as well, but I don't know for sure.
  • altarimagealtarimage Posts: 18Member
    I listen to both the YNAB and DR podcast, but was wondering what other people are listening to as far as financial podcasts.
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    I just started listening to Clark Howard. Only heard a few episodes so far, but he's pretty popular in general. Much more "general" in his subject matter than DR or Suzie, and some of the advice contradicts what either of them would say, but still an interesting listen.
  • apsjr1apsjr1 Posts: 50Member
    i have all of Jesse podcast he great to listen too.
    great advise ???
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