Month rollover and forward dating

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Not sure if this is a bug or not, but the behavior seems odd to me.

Sometime recently, I think the mobile app was updated to automatically roll over when a new month hits. I'm not sure of the details of how this happens, but today is 12/1, and my app has all the new amounts. Two days ago, I synced. Yesterday (11/30), I entered a transaction but dated it for 12/1 because I wanted it to come out of next month's budget. Today, my phone says: $440 Budget, -$12.67 Spent; $440 Remaining. Seems to me there's a math error here ;-) If there is logic to this behavior, please explain it to me!
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    That's definitely a bug. I just looked at the code and the app ignores transactions that are dated into the future when considering category balances - which is fine, but it definitely should consider them once a rollover happened. Thanks for letting us know. This will be fixed with the next version.
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