How Do we run 2 users on 1 computer

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How do we use YNAB for 2 users ( my wife and I use the same budget) on 1 computer when one user is passworded (Admin.)
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    I'm just taking a stab here, but from memory the admin person has to set the program to be available either just for themselves or for all users. As long as you have just the two users this should be possible.

    I haven't used user accounts for years though (since XP days) so I can't walk you through the settings to change it if that's not how it is at the moment, but it could well be in the control panel under a user settings option, or else in the programs part of the control panel somewhere. Start there anyway and see what you come up with.

    Hopefully someone else happens along who knows the answer to this. I'll message Steve to see if he can help, but he'll be asleep at the moment I think, he's in a different timezone to me.
  • You have a couple of different ways to tackle this but it depends on what you're running it on. Are you on a Mac or Windows computer?
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    windows xp
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    I don't know about XP, but in Vista, logged in as Admin:

    Control Panel
    Set up parental controls for any user
    click on her account
    then either:
    Parental Controls off
    Allow and block specific programs, then
    user can use all programs
    user can use only programs I allow>add YNAB to the list

    also, make sure the budget files are saved in a folder you can both access, like Public

    Hope this helps
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