Restoring Android App to new phone

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Can someone please point me to the thread that explains how to restore a previously purchased app to a new phone?


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  • JessoJesso Posts: 181Member
    Once you connect the new phone to the Google account you used to buy those apps (which should be the same Google account from your previous phone), then all of your previously-purchased apps should appear when you go to "My Apps" in the app store.

    edit to add: There is also this page with instructions on how to move over your apps AND all of your settings and data and stuff. It's a little more involved but you'll be able to have everything moved.
  • ziousaziousa Posts: 1Member
    I bought "My Sales Dialer" with licensed of use on one device at a time. I had it on my old HTC Desire and installed it on my Xoom and it never freaked out or quit working, now I am not using my old phone at all. and I'm still using it for my commercial purpose on new phone. I don't know weather it is legal or illegal. :mrgreen:
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    Only ways are use the old backup apk to install with the lost-email.
    and get your lost email back or your old email.
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