Negative budgeting???

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Howdy folks,

Incredibly happy budgeter here ..

just wanted to get some quick advice re: negative budgeting. In the spirit of "find a job for every dollar", I've taken to going back after the fact to adjust each of the categories to match the outflows & throw the overbudgets into the rainy day fund as a negative budget.

does anyone think that's wrong? otherwise, how do I reallocate those rainy day funds to individual categories for coverage?

or could I be overthinking things a bit?
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    It sounds like you're talking about "the rainy day fund" as one catch-all category. Like "unexpected expenses" or "emergency fund". If that's the case, then yes.

    When we talk about Rule 2, Save for a Rainy Day, we talk about having categories specifically set up like: Car Repair, Home Maintenance, etc. (in a perfect world). In that kind of a situation, the saving and the spending happen from the same category, so it wouldn't be an issue. So I'm thinking my first take was correct.
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