A Drunken Celebratory Post

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Holy frackin' sugar mother of Gosh!

I just went out and got drunk because I just got my IRS refund today. :shock:

Just getting a refund, you may say, is not that big a deal. There are many, many people who get them every year. But not quite as many get $4700 in a refund; not in my tax bracket.

AND I just got my refund that I requested from my 1040x Amended Return for 2011 that I only filed in early April. I wasn't expecting it for another couple of months at the freakin' earliest.

Why not? Because it contained the allegation that the IRS made a mistake when they refunded me for my last amended return. I was due $1,945, and they gave me only $945: EXACTLY $1,000 less.

Of course, I didn't know this at the time. I was counting on this refund to get me out of trouble financially. When I got the check from the IRS, I simply knew it was substantially less than what I was expecting. I assumed that *I* was the one who made the mistake and that the IRS had corrected me. I had it on my to-do list to investigate, but I was so in in a black hole -- so depressed -- that I never got around to looking at it.

It never occurred to me for a moment that the frackin' idiot on the other end had simply neglected to put a ONE in front of the NINE!

And getting this $1,000 back was what I was attempting to fix on my SECOND amended return. That and the fact that I kinda didn't include my alimony payments because I'm kinda an idiot.

I was, of course, expecting a phone call...a battle of some sort. I was kinda even expecting an audit. Whatever. That much money can't be ignored. Not in my situation. I most certainly did NOT expect to get my refund only 30 days after I filed the return no questions asked. I was kinda hoping for July, but more realistically thinking August.


Life isn't supposed to work like that.

Is this really a YNAB success story? Yeah. Kinda. If I hadn't found YNAB, I probably would have kept a little of my first refund but thrown the rest away one stuff I didn't need. Without YNAB, I may never have had the confidence to file an amended return. Without YNAB, even if I had just put the money in the bank, I would not have used it efficiently and would likely have found myself in trouble again in just a few months.

Because of YNAB I now know EXACTLY how I will use this money! Well...let me restate that. I WILL know...tomorrow. As stated earlier, I'm a bit drunk, and my money allocation skills might be a bit impaired. I spent approximately 1.5% of my refund on pizza and drinks tonight, combined with a very generous tip to the waitress. I needed a Buddy's Pizza fix badly, and Buddy's make the best Cosmos on the planet!

The splurging and total disregarding of my diet is over now though. Most of this money is probably going to be used to pay down my debt, and while it won't even come close to eliminating it, it WILL take a substantial bite out of it. Nom nom.

The ironic thing? Who'd ever expect to be grateful to both the IRS and for alimony for saving my tushie.

Hugs to EVERYONE who reads this! (Unless you're not into that kind of thing. I totally respect that).

~ Steve
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    I definitely recommend sobering up before allocating your money. :) I'm glad you were able to have a good time without guilt.
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    Ha, that's a great outcome. The IRS and alimony came through for you. :)

    Enjoy your newfound refund, use it wisely, and drink a lot of water with ibuprofen this morning.
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    I read the title of this thread as "A Drunken Celebrity Post."  I'm thinking: "Which celebrity?"
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