YNAB syncing incorrectly to phone

HuskyHikerHuskyHiker Posts: 7Member
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My desktop budget amounts are not matching my phone amounts after sync. Everything is up to date and I have tried 2 different phones.

Is there a way to clear the sync data and start over. please help...

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  • INAB26INAB26 Posts: 1,727Member, Beta Tester
    The phone app will only show the current month. You don't happen to be buffered and already looking at June on the desktop do you? Do you have more than one budget file set up to cloud sync? Any chance the phone is looking at the wrong one? You can go to settings and Cloud sync in the phone app to walk though all the steps to make sure you're working with the correct file and force a full re-sync.

    Just a couple of ideas...IME it always works perfectly.
  • HuskyHikerHuskyHiker Posts: 7Member
    Nope, I'm not buffered.

    Only one cloud sync budget.

    I am going to try the force full import now. I have been using the app since launch without issues, so strange... It seems like it is only 3-4 categories
  • HuskyHikerHuskyHiker Posts: 7Member
    I tried force syncing the budget, downloading the whole thing again... No luck!

    I'm clueless!
  • stevescatstevescat Posts: 25Member
    Have you recently entered split transactions on your mobile? There's a bug that will mess up your category balances. If you have done this, find the split entries on desktop YNAB and see if the first line of the split has a category - it shouldn't have. Amend this, save, and resync your mobile.

  • HuskyHikerHuskyHiker Posts: 7Member
    Yeah, I just saw the sync bug post... I know I caught some syncs like you explained but there must be more... Is there an easy way to find them?

    Or should I just go through every transaction in the messed up category?
  • stevescatstevescat Posts: 25Member
    Not sitting in front of YNAB to try searches. If this is only a recent problem, then hopefully any split transaction errors won't go back too far. Remember, it's only split transactions created on the mobile that causes problems. Just try a sync and see if the desktop matches your mobile.

  • gborlandgborland Posts: 847Member, Moderator, Administrator, YNAB Team, Beta Tester, Beta Moderator
    If you're having trouble finding the problem transactions, raise a support ticket and we can help.
  • codew31codew31 Posts: 6Member
    I have the same problem. I also tried uninstalling the app. Re-installing. Full wi-fi initial sync. Didn't work. Uninstall. Re-install. Full cloud initial sync. Still wrong. I finally emailed support hoping they can at least tell me what to do to get it fixed. Many categories on my phone are not correct anymore, which make the app data unreliable when using it to consider whether or not to make a purchase. I considered doing a fresh start just to get it right, but want to avoid that if possible.

    But I LOVE YNAB and know the support team will be on it! I'll just have to remember my phone numbers are a bit off - or check the balances before I leave the house.
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