For the first time in my life...

elliottelliott Posts: 24Member
I'm really happy I came across YNAB. It's only been a week that I've officially been using the program, but I feel like this is the first time in my life that I've actually had awareness around my finances....

I had an accidental charge on my checking account this week from a service I used to subscribe to. And the way I discovered the charge was by viewing my balance online, and for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, knowing exactly what my balance was supposed to be and seeing that it was not what it was supposed to be! I called the business, and resolved the issue immediately since I caught it quickly. In the past, I might have come across this kind of thing eventually, or possibly not even caught it at all.

Coincidentally the charge was for $60, the price of YNAB, so looks like I'll be converting at the end of my trial.

I also feel like YNAB has partially saved my relationship...my fiance is great with budgeting and finances, and has been on me forever to create a budget. Every time I've tried to create a budget though, I've struggled to stay on top of it, or track it...my methods have always overwhelmed me, and ultimately fallen apart. Now I feel like I've finally got a system that works really well for me, and which I can stay on top of because I really enjoy using it...which is also a first for me in terms of budgeting approaches. I'm also really appreciative of the support community.

Thanks for the help so far on the forums, and I'm really glad I came across this program.


  • pattyantbpattyantb Posts: 197Member
    Welcome Elliott! It's amazing how quickly your life and mentality can change, isn't it? I'm almost a month in and actually looking forward to our budget meeting tomorrow! This is a new event at our house as the word budget was never used. It's also hard to think about going back to a world without YNAB. :-)
    Keep up with it and I wish you the best!
  • Jess_EsqJess_Esq Posts: 401Member
    People often talk about the "Magic of YNAB" and I think your $60 charge that you corrected is just another example of it.  The longer you keep at it, the more you will realize that YNAB has got your back :)

    Congrats on finding it and feel free to ask questions -- there are SO many helpful people here :)
  • ftroopmomftroopmom Posts: 245Member
    Welcome Elliott!   My husband and I know exactly what you mean!  Enjoy your new found sense of peace.  It is not a dream...it is real!
  • elliottelliott Posts: 24Member
    Thanks!  :)

    I also love knowing how much is in my wallet without having to look inside it.

    And I love that getting income, no matter how much or how little, has become so much more significant because I get to plan on where it is going to go. It feels like no dollar is wasted or unaccounted for, and I really like that aspect of the system...and that aspect of my awareness around my finances!
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