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LemmingLemming Posts: 2,455Member
Have any of you found a really good app to track grocery prices for comparison shopping?  There are dozens out there, and I'm not sure where to start.  Comparison shopping is our primary goal, but it would also be nice to generate a list, save meal ideas, etc.


  • RebeccaJNRebeccaJN Posts: 173Member
    I use "Food On The Table" (android), which isn't so much a comparison shopping app, but does access the local store ads in your area (you have to pick three favorites, and they only have some stores available) to find good deals and add them to your list.  The app has meal planning and recipes, though I haven't used those parts much.
  • KleonikeKleonike Posts: 950Member, Beta Tester
    Two others that are helpful are Out of Milk and Ziplist.  Both offer a web interface and an android app.
  • LarryinLALarryinLA Posts: 315Member
    I'm very interested in this thread.  I use Grocery IQ, but honestly, it's terrible, doesn't include price tracking or recipe planning or anything useful, other than probably telling some marketer what I think I need.
  • youliveyoulive Posts: 586Member
    I use out of milk as well.  It's okay.  I think it takes some time to set it up so that subsequent shopping trips you don't have to input what aisle it goes in, etc.

    And it's free so no complaints there.
  • Bstar0306Bstar0306 Posts: 597Member
    I haven't found any that I've liked. Right now I just go to southernsavers.com and print grocery lists based on the coupons and sales she posts. Her lists are really nice if you shop in any of the stores on her site. 
  • spiderknitspiderknit Posts: 315Member
    I use Meal Board, for iOS. You can enter prices etc, but I'm not sure about comparison shopping. I find it excellent for meal planning & grocery lists, especially since you can now download recipes from several of the big websites.
  • only120xsonly120xs Posts: 187Member
    We've used OurGroceries forever. It syncs lists between phones, which is great.
  • VanillaCottageVanillaCottage Posts: 726Member
    I love ziplist. I use it on my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. It syncs to all. I can save recipes, make multiple grocery lists, share lists with DH on his phone, etc. I love the way that you can check things off while in the store as you shop, and they're removed from your list. It's super easy. I don't know how I ever shopped without it. It even has a meal planner now, although I've never used that. I've tried quite a few grocery apps and I find ziplist the most functional.
  • JenSJenS Posts: 1,141Member
    I would love to find one that has store prices and includes available coupons as well.  I use Coupon Mom online but I haven't been able to find a good phone app that is a Sale + Coupon list maker.
  • IronMikeSharpeIronMikeSharpe Posts: 618Member
    Kaydee said:
    I want an app that will let me enter prices at the stores I shop at and track the average, high, and low price of items I buy regularly so I can easily see when a sale is a really good deal.  I don't need a meal planning app, I've got that already.  I don't even need it to handle the grocery list and sync it between all the family devices, because I've got an app that does that well.  I just need something that keeps track of price comparison. 

    Anyone know of such an app?

    I do not.  I created a spreadsheet that does this and store it in my Dropbox folder.  Though I'm only entering in the prices of the items I actually purchase.

  • LemmingLemming Posts: 2,455Member

    I want to be able to stand in one store looking at a sale on something like eggs and use the app to look up, either from my own past input based on old receipts or from automatic inputs from sales flyers or whatever, what price one or two other stores are offering so I can make an informed choice.  A unit price would be much more useful than a package price. An ability to manage grocery lists based on this info would be a definite plus.

    So far, I haven't found an app that clearly does that based on the Google Play descriptions, but I haven't tried installing and playing with a bunch of them yet.

  • youliveyoulive Posts: 586Member
    Out of milk lets you input the unit price and track the history of the product.  It has a box for "coupon" (don't know what that means) and a place to write "notes" if that helps.  

    I just found out yesterday that it lets you create a list on your computer and sync to your phone.  It's free so you should try it.  The Pro version is $2.99 which I haven't bought, but seems like a reasonable price to pay if it does most of what you want.

  • KaydeeKaydee Posts: 4,045Member
    Does it include the option to enter prices at different stores and tell them apart?
  • LemmingLemming Posts: 2,455Member
    Okay Out of Milk moves to the top of my list of apps to try. I'll report back ASAP.
  • youliveyoulive Posts: 586Member
    I think you can create different stores and then price them out differently.  To be honest, I only really go to a food coop so I don't price check or have multiple stores.

    Here's what i just got from the website:
    1.you can use the website to make your list, which will sync with your phone.
    2. you can keep track of what's in your pantry
    3. You can scan items (this I tried and it worked but then I didn't feel like scanning food anymore and stopped)
    4. You manage your list by making categories (mine correspond to the aisles)
    5. On the website, you can search local deals (again, I don't use this)
    6. On the website you can add a new list.  I imagine you would name the different lists the name of the different stores you go to .

    Now that I rediscovered the website, I think i'll be using it a lot more.  In the past, I only thought it was an android app so I hated typing in my items, it took too long, but now I can make my list quickly on my laptop and go!
  • youliveyoulive Posts: 586Member
    One more thing.  There is a "to do list" there too.

    The great thing about it, is it can sync between multiple phones (as far as I read but haven't tried it) so that your SO could access the list and pick things up.

    Let me know if anyone gets this and uses it, I'd be interested in making the most of the software and would love to hear how it works with others.
  • LemmingLemming Posts: 2,455Member
    We're doing a test run with Out of Milk.  We're putting prices from each of our frequently-used stores in the notes field for each item on a comprehensive list.  Another approach we considered was to have a master list for each store with the prices there.
  • I've used Out of Milk some in the past, but never really explored it.

    I didn't realize there was a website!  I LOVE it!!  Maybe it will help me plan to shop sales/ meal plan.  We'll see!
  • LemmingLemming Posts: 2,455Member
    It is really helpful.  We now keep several lists -- one master price list, one for Costco, one for Safeway, one for the hardware store, etc.  We can share lists with each other, which is nice.  Also, it's easy to move an item from one store to another.  For example, if we have an item on the list for Costco but we can't find it there or it's not priced right, we can easily move it to the Safeway list.  Very cool!
  • JenChendeaJenChendea Posts: 46Member, Moderator, YNAB Team, Beta Moderator
    Thank you for this thread! I have been looking for a grocery app for a loong time to do what I want it to do, which is include a price book. I tried out Grocery IQ and Out of Milk based on this thread (thanks!), and they seem great for lists, but don't really keep a price book. For example, I was just at Sam's and wanted to know if their coconut oil (2 kinds) was priced better than a co-op I'm in for bulk coconut oil. I keep a price book in a big fat paper notebook with what I've paid in the past, and I wrote down the prices to check when I get home, but I couldn't really reference an app. I would love that app to have a barcode scanner and really functional integrated meal planner, but beggars can't be choosers. I think this would be a GREAT project for the YNAB developers, because they make everything amazing. Hint, hint. :)
  • Kmay724Kmay724 Posts: 1Member
    @ Kaydee- I am searching for EXACTLY what you want in a grocery app. Have you been successful in finding a good one yet? 
  • NN84NN84 Posts: 1Member
    @Kmay724 I had to register just to comment on this thread. I spent so much time looking for this app and I finally found one that works the way I want it to..... ValueTracker! It allows me to track an items price across multiple stores and the price fluctuations within a store. It also has a calculator feature which allows you to compare a product on a "per xx (liters, grams, etc)" basis
  • casnercasner Posts: 429Member, Beta Tester
    Grocery IQ seems to be all ads, and last I looked Out of Milk required payment for mobile devices. Guess I'll try ziplist. Not what the originator of this thread wants, but looks good for what I need.
  • JamnjudyJamnjudy Posts: 131Member
    I use Mighty Grocery, I use it to track my prices I usually pay. It has a free version, but I bought the full version finding it was worth it.  I track everything with it and love it.
  • kateandkateand Posts: 63Member
    It's not an app, but Allyou's website has a circular roundup with the ads and lowest prices on items.  Just enter your zip code and distance
  • KaydeeKaydee Posts: 4,045Member
    Kmay724 said:
    @ Kaydee- I am searching for EXACTLY what you want in a grocery app. Have you been successful in finding a good one yet? 
  • tripletimextripletimex Posts: 40Member
    I haven't given it a try myself, but does Sharky Shopping look like it does what you want?
  • wordnrrrdwordnrrrd Posts: 38Member
    @kaydee: Grocery King has a price-comparison feature, though I'm still trying to master it. In any case, you can get a free version that lets you create lists for three stores. The paid version is $4.99 and allows unlimited lists.
  • KaydeeKaydee Posts: 4,045Member
    Our situation is complicated by the fact that we need an app that works on both iPhone and android and syncs between them.
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