From Sprint to where? Alternative Cell Phone Providers.

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My contract is up with Sprint but I'm not sure where to go. I was considering Ting, but they do not support the iPhone at this time. I've only recently gotten introduced to alternative cell phone providers through the YNAB forum.I have an iPhone 4S and from my research, I can't use this phone on any other network because its exclusive to Sprint? What are my alternatives?


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    I ended my contract with AT&T and went with Boost Mobile. It runs on the Sprint towers so it's possible that you will be able to use your own phone! The plans shrink, starts at $60 a month, then after every 6 months you go down $5 until you hit $40. I love it so much, I will NEVER sign another contract again! Best of luck!
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    I have an unlocked iPhone 4S.  I am on the Virgin Mobil Beyond Talk plan:  300 minutes and unlimited data for $35/month
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    Airvoice Wireless uses AT&T towers and you can bring your own phone and phone number over. I don't do much web so I only pay $35/month for unlimited talk, text, MMS, with 100 Mb of data (this coming month the price for this package is being lowered to $30/month, or you can up to 1Gb for $40/month)

    Just check what your carrier does for billing - my billed for the *entire* last month even though the move was made six days in! :(
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    Virgin Mobile, uses sprints network. Though, you still can't use your Iphone AFAIK.You'd have to buy it direct from VM for the $400+ pricetag.
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    It all depends on whether or not you want to sign another contract. Sticking with the theme of saving money (being on this forum and all) I would say take a long look at T-Mobile. They are the only carrier to offer contract free plans that are actually worth it (besides the aforementioned Ting).

    They are even offering subsidized phones now that you can pay off during the length of a contract if you go that route. The difference is that they actually itemize the phone cost on your bill - the same thing that other providers try to hide. This way you know exactly when you are finished paying off the phone.
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    My advise would be to look into selling the iPhone and go with a no-contract option.

    If the Sprint network is good in your area Virgin Mobile may be worth looking into.  My wife and I both have VM and pay $35/mo for 300 mins plus unlimited text and data.  I used about 100-150 mins and 1000's of texts and about 1GB of data a month.  We both has decent HTC Android phones that I picked up for less than half price through a sale back in the spring.  We generally buy the $35 cards at Target which will sometimes have them on sale for a couple dollars off and then pair that with the 5% off with the Target Red card thus making even cheaper.  

    You could look into Straight Talk, but you need to pay attention to which network each phone runs on.  Not all of their devices run on the same network.  Boost is similar to VM and from my past research just seems a little more costly.  T-Mobile may be an option as well.

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    serion said:
    My advise would be to look into selling the iPhone and go with a no-contract option.

    If the Sprint network is good in your area Virgin Mobile may be worth looking into......

    I agree. You can have an iphone on Virgin, but it has to be theirs. It seems the market for used iphones is decent though so you should be able sell yours to pay a chunk toward a new one. We've used Virgin mobile for over 7 years and have overall been pleased. The one catch is that your service will not roam so double check coverage maps even if you've been ok on Sprint. In my area and on most of our travels, it's not been an issue though.

    I actually have my phone on Boost now and my teens on Virgin. Boost is a little more expensive to start, but with shrinkage, their unlimited plan is cheaper. I probably don't go over 350 minutes most of the time, but for only $5 more now, I don't ever have to worry about it. We no longer have a landline so that played into my choice as well. Do watch for phone sales...I've always bought mine at a deep discount. Back to school season is probably a good time to shop.
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    I use Page Plus Cellular (www.pagepluscellular.com) for voice and text - I just have a plain vanilla phone. They're cheap and use Verizon towers. I don't know what their data plans are like, but you might check them out.

    I'm also posting this for the little guy like me who might want cheap voice and text service: go to a thrift store, buy an old non-pay-as-you-go Verizon phone for a buck or two, and put it up for free on their network and pay 4-6 cents a minute with no contract.

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    I have considered getting an iPhone 4s and using PagePlus, but ultimately Ting's customer service, ease of use website, and flexible billing amounts has kept me from giving PagePlus a try. Everytime I've tried to call PagePlus, I've been on hold for at least 10 minutes.

    Here is a $25 off coupon for Ting. Just make sure to click that link when making a purchase/signing up.

    I recommend them 100% if you have decent Sprint coverage wherever you live. Note that they offer free voice roaming to Verizon.
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    I just signed up for Ting today! Thanks!

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