Question on Betterment, Form 1099-B and Short-term/Long-term summary

ManiMani Posts: 12Member
Hi, for the past few years I have been filing a relatively simple return using the Express1040.com website. This year I have Betterment investments to deal with and I have a question on the 1099-B.

The 1099-B form on the website has one box each for Total Sales Amount and Total Cost. The form Betterment provided me with has two sections, one each for Short-term and Long-term sales. 

My question is, how should I enter these on the site I am using? Should there really be two separate places for me to enter them each individually? 

Thanks for any input; this is the first year I've had investments so I'm a little new at this. 

Thanks again! :-D



  • Bee&BeaBee&Bea Posts: 639Member
    I hope you get an answer soon. This is the first year I've had investments at Betterment also, and I haven't tackled our taxes yet.
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    I wish I could help you. I used Turbo Tax and I was able to download the info directly from Betterment and it added many detailed pages to my tax return.
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  • wedjan245wedjan245 Posts: 1,109Member
    You need to do Schedule D to figure out what to go to 1040.
  • ManiMani Posts: 12Member

    So it looks like I just need to claim the short-term capital gains by entering a date that is in 2013 and enter any long-term capital gains by entering a date that is in 2012 (or earlier). 

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