Keeping track of money owed to me.

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Hello all. I have been a YNAB user for some time now and I must say it has realy turned my sittuation around....from debt and renting to no debt ...and buying my own place.....so thankso much YNAB for that.
Now to my problem. I loaned my daughter some money due to an emergency she had and she has started paying me back. I want to keep track of the money as it went "out" and the repayments as "inflows". Is there anyway of keeping track of this, including how much is left to pay without it causing problems in my budget ????
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    I am sure there are a couple of ways to do this but this is how I would do it. I would treat it like a business or medical expense that you get reimbursed for.

    I would set up a new sub category under Credit and Loans entitled “daughter loan” in the budget

    Enter the dollar amount in the outflow of the ledger that the money came out of. This will give you a negative (red balance) in your budget. To keep it from deducting from your available funds next month buffer select the little red arrow and click on “subtract it from next month category budget”. This will pass the negative balance each month.

    Now when she pays you, deposit the cash or check into your checking or saving account and put it as an inflow and select “daughter loan” in the category section which will make the negative value in your budget smaller.

    If you do it this way you will always know what she owes and will have a record of what she paid in your checking or saving ledger.
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    Well, that depends on what you mean by causing problems.

    If you are using YNAB 3 you could use the new Rule 4 override option in YNAB 3 to track this easily in a category. For this method it would be best if you have a good-sized buffer because you won't be budgeting any money to the category, which means the total of all the other categories will be off by the amount of the outstanding debt.

    To do this, create a budget category for the loan. Use this category on the transaction for the initial payment to your daughter. The category total will then be negative. Next, click on the little plus sign beside that negative number. In the dialog box choose "subtract from next month's category balance." The negative total will roll forward each month. As your daughter pays you back, put this category on the deposit transactions. This will cause the payment to be an inflow to the category (it will show in the "outflows" column, though), and the category balance will reflect that payment so you will always know how much you are still owed.
    When you are done you could hide the category until you have another loan you want to track.

    Also, here is a thread on tracking reimbursements.


    Part way down I describe my "to be reimbursed" account I've set up. You could use something similar for your loan. If it's a long-term loan it would be best if it goes in its own separate account rather than mix it with other things.
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