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Hello Everyone, the last week has proved challenging to get ynab to sync.

I have got an iphone that is running a version no. 3.1.3 (7E18) with a model number of MC131X.

I recently purchased ynab for iphone and initially was able to sync twice seamlessly via wifi.

My partner is in IT and configured the home network. I was thrilled with this technology!

System 1 running windows XP professional (non ynab desktop on wired ethernet) able to ping iphone successfully if iphone's wifi was switched on and off.

System 2 running windows 7 professional (actual desktop ynab PC on wifi) NOT able to ping iphone.

HTC desire mobile able to ping iphone.

When system 2 plugged in via ethernet cable and iphone wifi switched off and on, System 2 able to ping Iphone and Sync Ynab successfully (finally 4 days later!!!) when system 2 put back on wifi and iphone wifi switched on and off several times System 2 able to ping Iphone and sync Ynab.

could you please explain under these circumstances what the stability issues in relation to syncing YNAb are caused by?

Happy Syncing.
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